Unichoice mask – is it scam or legit?

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Unichoice mask – Did you realize that most infections spread by means of beads? Breath Healthy ™ 2.0 channels 99.9% of all airborne particulate issue and will square the majority of the huge respiratory beads from others’ wheezing and hacking, keeping them from getting into your mouth and case. Our adaptation 2.0 has a high effectiveness five-layer Homeric P.M2.5 channel as a particulate channel to secure against tiny particles that are breathed in when the air is of low quality.


The twofold breathing valves give happy with breathing by lessening the warmth and the amassing of stickiness inside. The valves close when you take in, and open during exhalation with the goal that solitary air enters through the 7-layer channel.

Agreeable AND SAFE

The customizable nose cut permits you to shape the Breathe Healthy Device to your exceptional face. Not any more undesirable weight on the extension of the nose. With this movable clasp it tends to be guaranteed that the Breathe Healthy Device stays cozy without causing inconvenience.


The velcro clasps make it simple to change the measuring of the Breathe Healthy 2.0 gadget. With a size appropriate for a head perimeter extending from 54 cm to 64 cm (21 in-25 in), we ensure that the Breathe Healthy Device will likewise be reasonable for you.


When structuring the Breath Healthy ™ 2.0, we ensured it would not have been hard to wear. The ties on the ears are made with the goal that regardless of how vivacious the action is, it won’t sneak off. You can wear the Breathe Healthy 2.0 gadget when you run, ride a bicycle, ski and so on., and you won’t need to alter it for the entire day.

What number of FILTERS DO I NEED?

On the off chance that the Breathe Healthy 2.0 gadget is worn regularly, a channel will last around a month. We suggest cleaning the channel each week (with warm sudsy water) so it keeps going as long as about two months. When the channel is consistently light earthy colored, we prescribe changing to another channel.

The Breathe Healthy machine is provided with a guidance manual on the best way to collect it, however in the event that you need further help kindly don’t spare a moment to get in touch with us at support@ariafi.com

Transportation AND DELIVERY

All requests are bundled, arranged and dispatched inside three to five business days of the request. We offer FREE transportation worldwide and the run of the mill conveyance time is between 8-10 working days. Contingent upon your area, you can get the things a lot prior.

All requests are dispatched with a following number, so you can follow it at each phase of the shipment! Periodically, bundles may encounter delays outside our ability to control, for example, customs or postal postponements.


We have a 30-day hazard free assurance that begins once we get the item! In the event that you don’t have a positive encounter in any way, shape or form, we will take the necessary steps to ensure you’re 100% happy with your buy.

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