Tac Shaver Review: Does This As Seen on TV Razor Work?

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Tac Shaver Reviews: Where to Purchase? There are three essential spots to purchase Tac Shaver, with Amazon (buy here) being your smartest option on the web. And keeping in mind that you’re there, I recommend examining the 300+ remarks about the item. You can likewise get it in certain stores in the As Seen on TV path, or at the official site, tacshaver.com. You ought to hope to pay about $30 at any of the above areas.

About Tac Shaver

Tac Shaver is an electric razor under the “Tac Brand” umbrella of “strategic” As Seen on TV items, normally pitched by Nick Bolton. The official item site is tacshaver.com, which was enrolled in March 2019.

Cases and Features

  1. Minimized and helpful
  2. Wet or dry activity
  3. Double the intensity of old electric razors
  4. Waterproof

Tac Shaver Review

Tac Shaver is publicized as a minimal electric razor that is totally waterproof. It’s promoted under the “Tac Brands” umbrella, which makes one wonder how an electric razor can be called strategic, yet that is for another conversation. Despite the fact that the As Seen on TV industry has not been close to as dynamic over the recent years, it’s as yet ideal to see another contribution hit the wireless transmissions once in a while. I bought my Tac Shaver straightforwardly from the official site, and it showed up the following week, so conveyance times don’t seem, by all accounts, to be an issue.

Tac Shaver has been promoting intensely in 2020, and I’ve had various solicitations for it. After opening the case, I promptly saw that the razor varied marginally in appearance from the model appeared in the advertisements. My supposition that will be this was a model utilized in the business versus the last form found in retail bundling. Tac Shaver is promoted as waterproof – as exhibited in the business by a man utilizing it submerged in a pool – and littler than a Visa. While it might be littler length and width insightful, it positively isn’t more slender than a Visa. Tac Shaver is battery-powered and takes around eight hours (per their directions) to completely charge. I found that my unit came pre-charged, in spite of the guidelines which showed to charge it before the principal use.

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There is an on/off catch to actuate the razor, and a switch which connects with the trimmer on the contrary side. I saw the trimmer as very feeble contrasted with a devoted trimmer, for example, those delivered by Wahl. Truth be told, when I went to shave my facial hair off utilizing the Tac Shaver’s trimmer, I surrendered after a few passes and utilized my Wahl. When my facial hair was cut down to stubble, I chose to utilize the Tac Shaver on one side of my face, and a Philips OneBlade on the other. I did this in light of the fact that the OneBlade is a demonstrated trimmer that can be utilized for shaving, in spite of the fact that it not intended to give a nearby shave.

Utilizing the Tac Shaver’s trimmer.

Tac Shaver’s guidelines state to move in a round movement and pull the skin tight, which I did. I found that made a good showing of shaving, albeit not even close as close as a cartridge or security razor. The closeness was very like that of the Philips OneBlade. Over the time of seven days, I utilized the Tac Shaver on one side of my face and the Philips OneBlade on the other. At long last, I established that the two items were about equivalent as far as closeness and speed.

Utilizing the Tac Shaver requires a roundabout movement and pulling the skin tight.

As to claims that Tac Shaver can be utilized submerged, I did in reality affirm this to be precise. Truth be told, I took it to a pool and really shaved submerged. Shockingly, my “submerged shave” was really better than the dry shave I had accomplished a day sooner. I kept on utilizing the Tac Shaver and the Philips OneBlade (each on one side of my face) and utilized both with plain water and shaving cream. After each shave I thought about the stubble staying all over, and it was for the most part about even on the two sides, which means the OneBlade and Tac Shaver kept on performing about similarly, despite the fact that the OneBlade isn’t actually a shaver.

The prior night completing my video survey, I saw that the Tac Shaver was not turning on, so I credited that to a dead battery. In the wake of charging it throughout the night, it despite everything wouldn’t turn on. I freed it up to clean it, in spite of the fact that there was very little hair to wipe out. To be reasonable, I wonder if the shaving cream may have by one way or another adversely influenced the unit, in spite of the fact that there is nothing in the guidelines to discourage clients from this training. Subsequent to cleaning it and allowing it to dry, the Tac Shaver turned on once more, in spite of the fact that it no longer turns on unfailingly, and the engine’s capacity appears to vacillate.

Indeed, even before the discontinuous issue with the engine, I would not have suggested Tac Shaver. It requires charging unmistakably more frequently than the Philips One Blade, and doesn’t convey a nearby shave as promoted. In case you’re searching for a decent electric razor, you’ll most likely need to spend more than $30. Make certain to peruse a portion of the remarks on Amazon to see that my experience isn’t special. Surveys are blended, yet I accept there are adequate protests to warrant investigation of different alternatives. Underneath you can watch my full audit of Tac Shaver.


I despite everything suggest the Philips One Blade, which is a brilliant all-around preparing instrument for $35. I’ve just needed to supplant the head once following two years (they state 4 months). In case you’re determined to an electric razor, you should investigate this model, which runs just $40 and holds high shopper evaluations.

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