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Musover reviews – I purchased this as a subsequent camera to go with a GoPro. I felt somewhat uncomfortable with staying the GoPro outwardly of the vehicle so figured this would carry out the responsibility. The bundle is quite acceptable. Heaps of mounts and so forth. I found that the shoe connection is a free fit in the GoPro vehicle mounts I have so utilized a GoPro shoe.

  • Picture astute the image glances fresh in 1080p however the hues are somewhat soaked. This is nothing that can’t be adjusted a while later however makes it hard to utilize directly from the camera.
  • I found that in daylight it was hard to tell the status of the camera while working from the catches of the waterproof case. Interfacing is WiFi and utilizing the application on the telephone unravels this however.
  • It records in brief portions which implies that you end up with a ton of them on the off chance that you record for any period of time.
  • 3 individuals discovered this accommodating
  • A low to mid section level activity camera pack that gives all that is required while wandering in to catching critical minutes either watching or in any event, partaking in exercises, for example, sports.
  • The different extras included empower the camera to be utilized the second the case is opened. The consideration of a different charger unit for the extra 900 mAh battery surely removes it from comparable cameras which frequently don’t come provided with such a frill.


Early introductions when you remove the camera from the case is that the bundle is genuinely noteworthy with the camera in its waterproof case flawlessly introduced in its defensive case. The introduction of this pack is of such a norm, that you would not spare a moment in giving it as a blessing. The hard shell texture secured case is an expansion that I truly like, that isn’t frequently provided with numerous cameras, as it not just ensures the camera when not being used yet additionally keep the entirety of the different frill together particularly when taking off.

The camera body is produced using plastic with a slim silicon covering to the front and appears to be sensibly all around made for typical use without the defensive waterproof case. Like most activity cameras I wouldn’t care to drop it however.

The waterproof case has a decent cozy tight fit and seal guaranteeing the camera doesn’t get harmed when being utilized submerged, an extra indirect access with vents is likewise included which permits sound to be gotten and is appropriate for non water exercises.

Ports and Controls

The camera is constrained by different catches situated on the top, front and the side with the force button sitting on the front which likewise fills in as change mode catch to change from video mode, still camera mode, and playback.

The 2 fastens as an afterthought explore through the menu in addition to likewise control the zoom work when in video or photograph modes. Actuating the WiFi mode is a basic press of one of the side catches which with the supporting app,Ezi cam, that can be downloaded free makes seeing film on a telephone perfect for remote review at a sensible short separation. The application itself is straight forward enough to utilize and for my different Android gadgets works fine without issues.

Every one of the keys are responsive enough and simple to press, in any event, when the camera is inside the waterproof lodging.


The camera and its up to 30m submerged capacities settles on it an incredible decision of gadget for swimmers/jumpers or those associated with continuance sports, for example, hindrance races in addition to numerous other recreational exercises, for example, cycling.

The camera has an easy to use interface that I like that is a choice of highlights without excessively convoluting things or liable to make me go round around and around to simply alter a setting or two. Every one of the menu alternatives are selectable by utilizing the all over keys as an afterthought to change between choices then OK/shoot catch to affirm determination. Basic and simple exactly how it ought to be particularly when caught up with being dynamic is sufficient all things considered.

The force button serves well to quickly change between video, despite everything, burst and playback modes with the subsequent settings as arranged in settings mode being used. The camera’s amplifier is acceptable at getting voices and street traffic plainly with no mutilation which I have encountered with some lesser estimated models.

Visual Recording/Still Camera

170 degree wide-edge focal point offers a wide account edge adequate to get all of what is happening. I have tried the camera in an assortment of conditions, for the most part on my bicycles, and it has delivered some great stable pictures and film, see transferred video.

Recordings are recorded in MOV design while photographs are in JPG. A 32Gb card will yield upto 240 mins on 1080P30fps or 320mins 720P60fps which is long enough for most exercises and sports. The main restriction being the battery endures an hour and a half which is standard however having the subsequent battery included guides longer chronicle times. One thng the particulars above don’t make reference to is that the camera has 4k capabilites though at 10fps (HD) which is fit to ordinary/moderate kind of activity of shooting given the edge rate which produces adequate quality film. Shooting at 4k generates bigger record estimates so the bigger the small scale SD card utilized the better.

Still pictures at both of the 12M and 8M goals are fair for clear and sharp pictures with the lower goals, 5M and 2M, being sensible as well. The different time slip by, burst mode, and

The camera is provided with a SD card which is standard with most gadgets however it will take cards up to 32GB, according to the manual information, ideally class 10 or higher for ideal speed when recording. I haven’t had the option to test a 64GB card yet to check whether the firmware will acknowledge such.

The option of a miniaturized scale HDMI implies that recording can be replayed back direct from the camera to a TV and so on without the need of any extra equipment aside from a reasonable link as one isn’t provided (once in a while are they so).


The remembered 900mAh Li-for batteries make some run memories of around an hour and a half on 1080P30 which at that point takes just around 3 hours to revive. The camera doesn’t accompany a mains charger however comes with a smaller scale USB charge link to associate the camera, and the different charger base unit, to a PC, existing charger or even a powerbank with the last being utilized when I am at occasions where no mains gracefully is accessible

PC Connectivity

Recordings and pictures can be either moved to a PC by expelling the small scale SD card or by utilizing the provided smaller scale USB information/charge link to download documents (mass stockpiling alternative). Just as record move, the camera can likewise be associated with a PC with the smaller scale USB link and utilized as a web camera to be utilized with applications, for example, Skype.

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