Morning Routine To Avoid Lower Back Pain

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In the previous article, you may be a morning person, but not your back, as I mentioned, your lower back is at risk when it appears in the morning. Having been a chiropractor for over 35 years, I advised to start slowly in the first hour of the day and warm up my back before engaging in intense activity. My experience has shown that patients who follow this idea are less likely to get injured in the waist.

With this article, we will go into more detail, with specific steps taken in the morning to help the back, instead of making the back complaint worse.

We can start protecting our backs as soon as we wake up. When we get out of bed, we usually offer a sit-down version. Sitting in the morning increases the pressure on the anterior discs, increasing the risk of a back injury. A better way to get up is to “side up”. When we lift our arms, one side is done by turning one side or the other and swinging the legs to the side of the bed.

Then we can gentle and safe stretching exercises in the morning. An exercise is as easy as lying on your back and pulling each knee gently for five seconds to the chest, as five repetitions can warm the back. Another useful way to prepare your back for the stress of the day is to have gentle stretches of yoga style.

Once we are ready and ready for the day, the strategy is to start our activities slowly. At the beginning of the day, do not bend over and do not lift or carry heavy items. For example, years ago, I learned the hard way to carry a heavy suitcase in my car early in the morning for an early flight. Not a good idea. I strained my back while doing this and had a hard flight and the first few days of the trip. Now, I take my suitcase in the car the day before the trip, when my waist is nice and warm.

Likewise, performing morning tasks such as vacuuming, gardening or mowing, or morning exercise classes like Zumba are better organized later in the morning or during the day. Try to work soft and easy early in the day.

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