Enhance Facial Features With Semi-Permanent Make-Up

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Makeup exists only from the ancient Egyptians, where, besides wearing it for cosmetic reasons, they used it for health and protection. At that time, men and women used natural ingredients to dye their skin.

They used;

Kohl – which was either organic charcoal for lead sulphide, amorphous carbon or eyeliner, or green mineral powder called granite for eye makeup.
Red Lion – for lip and nail stains
Henna – stains on fingers and toes.
Many women wear makeup today. Some wear it to enhance their features, or to hide their flaws while others look and feel more glamorous. Applying makeup can be difficult if you are light or just want to spend more time in your day.
It requires a lot of training, skill and practice to produce the best results for beauty technicians, as the application of permanent and semi-permanent cosmetics is a highly skilled profession. Each one has unique facial features, facial texture and complexion that can affect the treatment in different ways.

Benefits of eyebrows

To make sure that you look more symmetrical don’t spend more time.
You won’t worry about your makeup in the pool or at the gym.
Don’t worry about the colours that match your colour.
You don’t have to worry about taking off your eyebrows.
There are many reasons why eyebrows may need improvement. Maximum theft, naturally thin or fair, or they may be sparse for medical reasons. A new brow set can be easily created to fix slender eyebrows or simply add a few hairstyles to fill in the blanks. Eyebrows are very important because they form your face, and they can instantly add lift, shape and contour. Eyebrows treated with semi-permanent makeup have a darker colour after the first treatment, but they will be lighter after a while.
Benefits of Eyeliner

The choice of a subtle enhancement or more noticeable eyeliner.
Create a testimonial to lift your eyes.
Improve the natural look of your eyes.
You do not have to worry about smelly eyeliner.
Get asymmetrical eyeliner.
The eyeball can open the eyes and the soft lines above or below the eye can make the eyelids darker and darker. Eyeliner is available in a variety of colours and can shape and accentuate the eyes, and you can get something from a soft, natural accent, a dramatic smoking effect or a thick clear line.
Benefits of lips

Retrieve the shape of your youthful lips
Make your lips look better and better
Spend less time on lipstick after drinking and eating.
Keep your favourite colour and shade.
Balance your lips to make them thicker and fuller.

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