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Double rainbow guy cause of death – Paul L. Vasquez, the beefy yet enormous hearted nature darling who turned into a web sensation in 2010 in the wake of posting his dazed response to a twofold rainbow, passed on Saturday in Central California, The Modesto Bee reports.

A reason for death still can’t seem to be declared, in spite of the fact that as of late Vasquez had been posting on Facebook that he’d been feeling wiped out with a high fever and inconvenience relaxing. On May fifth, he said he was tried for COVID-19, and however he said he’d recover the outcomes in two days he never shared an update.

Apparently, Vasquez carried on with a striking and amazing life. Per a 2015 CNN profile, he was conceived in East Los Angeles and landed his first position as a fireman for L.A. District. He at that point moved to the region around Yosemite National Park and functioned as everything from a security official to a crisis clinical expert to an utility man to a fireman again. He went through 10 years as a long stretch trucker, and at one point was even an expert pen contender (he took an interest in only one match and lost).

At that point, in January 2010, Vasquez posted a video on his YouTube page of a rambling twofold rainbow in Yosemite. Vasquez’s portrayal was delighted and enthusiastic — he can be heard crying at various focuses during the video — despite the fact that it was additionally tinged with that exemplary California “Woah, man” vibe. “It’s beginning to try and resemble a triple rainbow,” he wondered about one point. “Goodness, my God, it’s all out — twofold rainbow right over the sky! … What does this mean?”


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The video didn’t circulate around the web quickly, however by the mid year, Vasquez had become a web sensation, thanks to some degree to Jimmy Kimmel, who shared the clasp on Twitter and later welcomed Vasquez onto his show. His prosperity accompanied all the trappings of mid 2010s web notoriety — the “twofold rainbow” video was Auto-Tuned, and even secured by Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young). Vasquez scored some limited time bargains out of it also, showing up in ads for Smartwater, Microsoft, Delta, and the telecom organization Vodafone New Zealand.

Vasquez kept on posting normally on YouTube throughout the following 10 years, chronicling each part of his life, from everyday minutes to different superb nature scenes. Albeit none at any point collected as much consideration as the “twofold rainbow” video — which has in excess of 47 million perspectives as of distribution — Vasquez appeared to be more than content with that. “My life is actually equivalent to it was previously,” he said in the 2015 CNN profile. “The main thing that truly changes is that I do a ton of meetings.

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