Copper fit mask – is it scam or legit ?

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Copper fit mask – Your requests will begin being delivered before the current week’s over. If it’s not too much trouble note that in the event that you request Copper Gloves too – they will be transported independently so you don’t need to stand by any more! Much obliged to you for your understanding.

For clients with existing pre-orders:

Your requests will be organized by the queueing procedure. We thank you for your understanding and anticipate you utilizing your face veils. It would be ideal if you note that in the event that you requested Copper Gloves too – they will be delivered independently for nothing as a token of our gratefulness so you don’t need to stand by any more!

We need to thank all of you ahead of time for your comprehension and trust during this worldwide pandemic! We sincerely can’t sit tight for all of you to begin utilizing your new copper items!

It would be ideal if you note our face covers will be Gray

This Copper face cover has been tried to GB 2626-2006 respiratory testing guidelines and indicated that the veil’s channel over 99% of airborne particles identical to KN99.

The most effective method to Choose Your Size


Measure from the extension of the nose to bring down jawline Up to 13 cm Greater than 13 cm

We suggest those with littler appearances, most ladies and youngsters to pick S/M.

The remarkable flexible switch framework will permit the two sizes of veils to be fixed for a cozy fit.

Face Mask for Coronavirus

The WHO direction suggests KN95 (FFP2) or KN99 (FFP3) covers during episodes of contaminations, for example, SARS, Avian Flu and Coronavirus. Governments around the globe are presently effectively reassuring the requirement for face veils to be worn in light of expanding proof that individuals without side effects can spread coronavirus.

The Power of Copper-Infused Fabrics

Copper textures implanted with copper particles are deductively demonstrated to be antimicrobial, which implies against viral, hostile to bacterial and against parasitic.

Another report distributed in the diary Lancet found the Coronavirus endured outwardly of a careful veil for 7 days.

Our face cover has 4 layers of assurance with copper-implanted texture outwardly first layer.

In many distributed clinical diaries, it has been appeared and demonstrated that copper textures can and do devastate HIV-1 (infection) by over 99.9% in just 20 minutes, Cytomegalovirus (CMV) by 99.9% in just 20 minutes, 99.9% of vaporized infections, for example, Influenza (H1N1/H9N2) also being known to demolish Coronavirus.

Teacher Bill Keevil, University of Southampton, clarified in an ongoing article, the copper doesn’t simply slaughter these pathogens; it wrecks them, directly down to the nucleic acids, or regenerative outlines, inside. “There’s no possibility of change or development since all the qualities are being devastated”. As it were, utilizing copper doesn’t accompany the danger of, state, over-endorsing anti-toxins.

Copper textures are intended to be long haul economical and sturdy, which means the copper particles molecularly attached to the textures won’t wash away and last the lifetime of the item. Subsequently you never need to depend on expendable face veils again – making them ideal for regular day to day existence from market trips through to driving to work!

Copper is likewise known to be a typical fixing in against maturing excellence items given its properties to advance the creation of collagen and elastin for more beneficial, milder skin!

It would be ideal if you Note: the 2014 test did by Copper Clothing utilizing an Internationally perceived virology lab in Germany, was against Coronavirus (a group of infections), it has not yet been tried explicitly against the COVID-19 strain of Coronavirus.

What is a KN99 Face Mask?

This Copper face cover has been tried to GB 2626-2006 respiratory testing guidelines and demonstrated that the veil’s channel over 99% of airborne particles proportionate to KN99.

A KN99 (FFP3) face veils will offer a more elevated level of assurance than 3-utilize careful face covers and KN95 (FFP2) face covers. The KN99 (FFP3) face cover will ensure against fluid and strong pressurized canned products and are frequently utilized by medicinal services laborers when taking care of dangerous materials.

How would I utilize a Copper-Infused Face Mask?

The Copper-imbued face veil is intended for comfort and to be worn by anybody for different employments. To fit, basically place the cover over your nose and mouth, pull the string headbands over your ears and utilize the switch to fix for extreme cozy fitting and solace.

The most effective method to Wash Your Face Mask to Retain Filtration Efficiency:

  • Stage 1: Do not utilize any washing fluid or cleansers
  • Stage 2: Use refined water or bubbled water left to rest for 15 minutes
  • Stage 3: Soak the face veil for at any rate 5 minutes while tenderly kneading, NOT hard scouring
  • Stage 4: Squeeze out abundance water and lay the veil level to dry normally
  • It is prudent to wash at any rate once per week
  • multi day unconditional promise!

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