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brooke tedder accident-We initially met Anthony Leonard in February when the “Fill your Bucket List Foundation” sent him to the Duke versus North Carolina game with his family.

At that point Friday, with only days to live, he recharged his pledges to his better half of over 10 years.

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Twelve years back, the words “till death do us part, perpetually and consistently,” appeared to be so far away.

For Tony and Christy Leonard, it could be any day now.

“On her (Christy’s) blog she referenced that she and Tony should develop old together and recharge their pledges,” said Brooke Tedder.

Tony is fighting an uncommon stomach malignancy so his hospice nurture Brooke, does all that she can to keep him agreeable, even to the point of arranging a wedding.

“Her (Christy’s) first introductory response was, ‘Brooke do you believe he’s going to make it?'” said Tedder.

As usual, a great medical attendant knows her patients.

“You disclose to Tony you are reestablishing your pledges Friday and Tony is going to make it. So here we are,” said Tedder.

They state downpour on your big day is good karma. It symbolizes purging and another opportunity. All things considered, that is actually what this intended to Tony’s relative.

“We lost our child to lung malignant growth eight years back so I said to him that he’s giving me the respect since I’ll never find a good pace boutonniere on my own child,” she said.

In the parlor, loved ones stood close, going around the tissues as they hung tight for the lady of the hour.

Tony, who’s been generally out of commission, remained to his feet to hold his better half’s hand as she wailed her pledges.

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