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baby hope crime scene photos-Infant Hope was tormented before she was killed, a law-requirement source disclosed to The Post Sunday night.

Terrible 4-year-old Anjelica Castillo was sooner or later attached to a table and denied water in the family’s Queens condo, as per a lady who told cops that, as a kid, she saw the horrendous demonstration.

The lady said that she, as well, had been tormented. It was not satisfactory how.

In the mean time, a police source said somebody in the condo told analysts of hearing an “abnormal” commotion on the night that Anjelica disappeared in July 1991.

Anjelica’s exposed and bound body was discovered stuffed inside a cooler along the Henry Hudson Parkway in Manhattan.

Her cousin Conrado Juarez was captured Saturday for the virus case-wrongdoing that cops would not abandon.

They made the capture in the wake of getting a tip from somebody who caught Anjelica’s sister discussing the young lady.

In the mean time, her admitted executioner “was just grieved that he got captured,” another source said.

In the interim, her admitted executioner “was just heartbroken that he got captured,” another source said.

“He was just grieved that we figured he f–ruler did it,” that source said. “That was simply the main regret he felt — for himself.”

Still another source depicted the long distance race cross examination that drove Juarez, 52, to admit to covering the youngster and discarding her body with the assistance of his now-dead sister, Balvina Juarez.

“To start with, he resembled, ‘It’s not me! It’s not me! I didn’t do it!’ ” that source said.

Be that as it may, following a few hours of addressing, Juarez, an illicit foreigner from Mexico, supposedly told the truth about killing his little cousin in the Astoria condo where the two of them lived with different family members.

“His expectation was to assault her, yet it transformed into a homicide since she shouted,” the source said.

“Indeed, even a developed lady would shout considering the present situation.

“To conceal the shout, he utilized the cushion to choke out all her calm.

“In his brain, he expected to murder her. At that point it resembled, ‘Heavenly s–t, I slaughtered her,’ ” the source included.

Outsiders contacted by the demise of the once unidentified youngster offered their feelings of appreciation Sunday at her grave site — where a bit of paper with her genuine name was taped to the “Child Hope”- engraved gravestone that cops purchased in 1993.

Eddie Collazo, 52, of Worcester, Mass., contacted the gravestone at St. Raymond’s Cemetery in the Bronx and stated, “I’m diminished they got that psycho who murdered her.

DNA from Margarita Castillo at long last prompted the personality of girl Anjelica.

“In any case, what’s most significant is that she has a name. Her name is Anjelica. It’s not Baby Hope any longer. God rest her spirit.”

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