Arif memon car accident – Popular radio DJ killed in crash with 18-wheeler on Southwest Freeway

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Arif memon car accident – HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – A famous Houston radio DJ for 106.1 has been distinguished as the driver executed in an accident including a 18-wheeler along the Southwest Freeway.

Arif Memon was a spouse and father of two young ladies and was notable in the network.

The accident happened Monday evening, specialists state Memon was driving down the expressway in his Lexus when he veered over and hammered into the rear of a separated 18-wheeler that had pulled over on the left shoulder.

Subsequent to learning of the accident, Memon’s colleagues at the station say he was unadulterated euphoria and depicted him as a light for everybody.

“He cherished his family he loved his two excellent girls,” radio host Samia Adilo said. “On the off chance that I would, we be able to were anticipating Ramadan closure and going to party after that. I would state, ‘God might you be able to return.'”

“Caring individual. (He) made bunches of companions, doesn’t make a difference where he would cover, what might do, he realized how to win and get into individuals’ heart. (He was) continually attempting to accomplish something for other people, that is the thing that he was about,” station proprietor Rehan Siddiqui stated,

It is as yet indistinct how the accident that left Memon’s vehicle unrecognizable occurred, however his lawyer says they are investigating it.

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