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Is it scam?

 If you are interested to buy any product from this website,

We watch the commercial of Air police 4 mask on TV for a lot of times these days. Many people contact us to get our help to reveal the reality of this mask. Is Air police 4 mask really a legit mask? Or is it just a scam like numerous other face masks and hand sanitizers which are springing up in this COVID-19 outbreak. is its official website claims to help the protection against this outbreak. It is selling just air police 4 masks on its website.

What is is an e-commerce site. Here, you can purchase face masks online. Also, it is offering hand sanitizers for free at different packages.  But, it may be giving you all these offers to just swindle you.

Are you planning to shop from

If you are interested to shop from this website, it will be a great risk. As many of us already know that corona virus pandemic has given birth enormous online stores and most of them are just a scam. Everyone knows you cannot get out of your homes these days. So people are playing fraudulent games to others. Buying anything online may get you in great difficulties. If you want to buy air police 4 mask, this article will help you a lot.

Low Price

By searching on the internet, you will find that a German police face mask is quite similar to air police 4 mask. Both of them have 4 layer of protection. Both of them have the same prices. But, air police 4 mask comes in various packages and you will find a lot of discounts at those packages. Plus, you will also get hand sanitizer for free. What is the purpose of all of these discounts? Usually, fake companies offer attractive discounts for marketing. If you are a wise person, you should think about it.

Fake Address

Bulbhead Customer Care 79 Two Bridges Road Fairfield, NJ 07004 is the address of this company. But, after check this address on Google map, you will find no company or anything else which can show the existence of It is, undoubtedly, a fake address.

Newly Created Website is not a trusted website by age. is a huge website which is used to check the whole detail about any website. If you place the address of this website at, you will find that its registration date is 2020-05-26. It means was created just 14 days ago. May be it is made just for the purpose to loot the people.

Not Registered by FDA

Air police face mask 4 is not registered by FDA which means you cannot judge its safety. The thing is, this company is authorized by FDA but not approved by FDA. Strange! You must think about it before placing the order.

Hidden Identity provides us the information that saved all its necessary information in the guise of WhoisGuard. Its name, organization and email address are kept in privacy. Why this website is hiding its identity? Does it want to perpetrate something bad? Think about it.

Fake Photos

All the photos of air police 4 mask are just photoshopped pictures. Even one of them is picked from website. No picture shared on this website is its own.  This is the most egregious mistake by and this is enough to reveal its reality.


We have done our search to find whether is legitimate or not. But, we find nothing due to which reference we can conclude that it is a trustworthy website. At first sight, you will be attracted by its discounts and one extra layer of protection of its masks and you will place the order reluctantly. But, it is just a swindle and nothing else.

Stylishmodewe, Peiwq, Patchamperes, Playsetskids, Noatanice, kznice and Maxvio are some examples of such website which have looted the money of innocent people. So be aware of all such scams.

Anyhow, if anyone of you has been lured by such company, you should file a case at that company as soon as possible. It will protect your credit cards or bank account details. Moreover, by this way, you will also pay your duty as a responsible citizen to arrest these fake people.

Best of luck!

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